10 no equipment workouts

10 no equipment workouts

10 no equipment workouts

You can get an effective workout right from the comfort of your home without any specialized gear. Discover a variety of simple exercises you can do without any fancy gear. Get fit and energized with these 10 workout routines that require no special equipment. Strengthen your body, boost your energy, and stay active without the need for costly gym memberships or equipment.

  1. Jumping Jacks:

  • Jumping jacks are a classic exercise that gets your heart pumping and your muscles moving.
  • To do a jumping jack, you jump up while spreading your legs apart and, at the same time, raising your arms above your head. It’s like making a big star shape with your body in the air. Then, as you land, you bring your legs back together and lower your arms back down to your sides. That’s one jumping jack!
  • Jumping jacks are fantastic because they help make your heart stronger and your muscles more flexible. They’re great for warming up before doing other exercises, or you can do them for a while to get a good workout all by themselves.
  •  Plus, they’re fun to do with friends or family! So, next time you need a quick and enjoyable way to get moving, try doing some jumping jacks. You might find yourself smiling while you’re doing them – they’re that much fun!
  1. Push-Ups:

  • Push-ups are fantastic for building upper body strength.
  • Imagine you’re a superhero, getting ready to save the day. You start by getting into a special pose on the floor. First, you lie down facing the ground. Then, you put your hands flat on the floor, about shoulder-width apart, with your fingers pointing forward. Now, here comes the superhero part: you push yourself up until your arms are straight, like you’re pushing the floor away from you.  Finally, you lower yourself back down until your chest nearly touches the ground, and then you push back up again. That’s one push-up!
  • Push-ups make your arms and chest muscles strong, and they also help make your tummy muscles stronger too! It’s like a triple bonus exercise. Plus, when you do push-ups, you’re also making your bones and heart healthier.  You don’t need any fancy gym equipment. And guess what?
  •  If doing a full push-up is hard, you can start by doing them on your knees instead of your toes. Or you can lean against a wall and push yourself away from it, which is also a kind of push-up!

10 no equipment workouts

  1. Bodyweight Squats:

  • Squats are great for working your lower body muscles. Keep your back straight and lower yourself down until your thighs are parallel to the ground. You can push through your heels to return to the starting position.
  • You’re standing up straight with your feet shoulder-width apart, just like you normally would when you’re waiting in line or talking to friends.  To do a bodyweight squat, you bend your knees and push your hips back, as if you’re going to sit down on that invisible chair. Keep your chest up and your back straight as you lower your body down.
  • Try to go as low as you can, like you’re going to sit all the way down, but stop when your thighs are parallel to the ground or as far down as feels comfortable. Then, push through your heels and straighten your legs to stand back up. That’s one bodyweight squat! Bodyweight squats are awesome because they make your leg muscles, like your thighs and your bum, really strong.
  •  Or you can hold onto something sturdy, like a table or a chair, to help you balance while you practice.
  • Trying set a goal for your health, like doing a certain number of squats each day, and watch as your legs get stronger and stronger. Before you know it, you’ll be squatting like a pro! So, the next time you want to give your legs a power-up, try doing some bodyweight squats.
  1. Plank:

  • Planks are effective for strengthening your core muscles. :- Begin by positioning yourself for a push-up, placing your hands firmly on the floor. Keep your body in a straight line from head to heels, engaging your core muscles throughout.
  • Imagine yourself getting into a superhero pose. But instead of pushing up, you rest your weight on your forearms and toes.
  • It’s almost like you’re trying to stop someone from tickling your belly! Keep your body straight and strong, and try to hold this position for as long as you can. That’s the plank! The cool thing about planks is that they work lots of muscles all at once. They make your tummy muscles (the abs) super strong, and they also help your back muscles, making you stand up taller and stronger.
  • Planks are awesome because you can do them anywhere – in your room, in the park, or even while watching TV. And the more you practice, the longer you’ll be able to hold the plank position. But don’t worry if it’s tough at first – everyone starts somewhere!  Instead of balancing on your toes, you can rest on your knees while keeping your body straight.
  • Try setting a goal for yourself, like holding the plank for a certain amount of time each day. As you continue your fitness journey, your core and back muscles will progressively gain strength. So, the next time you want to give your tummy and back a superhero workout, try doing some planks. Engaging in regular exercise transforms your body into an incredibly resilient structure.
  1. Lunges:

  • Lunges target your legs and glutes. Begin by standing with your feet together, then take a step forward with one leg and lower your body until both knees are bent at a 90-degree angle.
  •  Your front knee shouldn’t go past your toes, and your back knee should be hovering just above the ground. Now, push off your front foot and step back to the starting position, standing up straight again. That’s one lunge! Lunges are awesome because they make your leg muscles, like your thighs and your bum, really strong. They also help with balance and flexibility, which means they can help you move better in everyday activities, like playing sports or even just going for a walk.
  •  You can start by doing shorter lunges or not bending your knees as much until you get more comfortable. You can also hold onto something sturdy, like a chair or a wall, to help you balance while you practice.
  • Before you know it, you’ll be lunging like a pro! So, the next time you want to give your legs a superpower boost, try doing some lunges. It’s like taking big steps toward making your legs stronger and more awesome!

10 no equipment workouts

  1. Burpees:

  • Burpees are a full-body exercise that gets your heart rate up. Start in a standing position, then squat down and place your hands on the ground. Kick your feet back into a plank position, perform a push-up, jump your feet back to the squat position, and explosively jump up with your arms raised. Repeat this sequence continuously.
  • Burpees might sound funny, but they’re a super powerful exercise that gets your whole body moving and your heart pumping!  You don’t need any special equipment – just yourself and some space to move around.
  • Imagine you’re about to do a fun jump. Then, you bend your knees and reach down to touch the ground in front of your feet. After that, you kick your legs back so that you’re in a push-up position, just like a superhero about to fly!
  •  After that, you jump your feet back towards your hands, so you’re back in that crouched position with your hands on the ground. Finally, jump up into the air with your arms reaching high above your head.  And guess what? That’s one complete burpee
  • Burpees are like a whole-body workout packed into one exercise. You can do burpees almost anywhere – in your room, in the park, or even in your backyard. They might be a bit tough at first, but with practice, you’ll get better and stronger.
  • If doing a full burpee feels tough, don’t worry. You can try a modified version by skipping the push-up part or stepping your feet back instead of jumping. You can also take it slow and focus on getting the movements right before you speed up. Set a goal for yourself, like doing a certain number of burpees in a set time, and watch as you get better and stronger every day. You’ll soon be burpee-in like a champ!  It’s like doing a fun and challenging exercise that makes you feel like a superstar!
  1. Bicycle Crunches:

  • These crunches engage your core muscles and oblique. Alternate touching your elbow to the opposite knee while extending your other leg.
  • Bicycle crunches might sound like riding a bike, but they’re actually a really cool exercise that works your tummy muscles (abs) in a fun way!  Bend your knees and bring them toward your chest, like you’re riding a bike upside down!
  • Now here’s where the magic happens: pretend to pedal a bicycle in the air by straightening one leg while twisting your body to bring the opposite elbow towards the bent knee. For example, if you straighten your right leg, you bring your left elbow towards your right knee. It’s like you’re cycling while lying down!
  • While doing bicycle crunches, try to keep your tummy muscles tight, almost like you’re trying to touch your elbow to your knee. Move slowly and twist your body, aiming to touch your elbow to the opposite knee as best as you can.  They work not just the front of your tummy but also the sides, which is pretty cool! Plus, they help with balance and flexibility too.
  •  You can start by doing fewer repetitions and focusing on getting the movement right.
  • Set a goal for yourself, like doing a certain number of bicycle crunches each day, and watch as your tummy muscles get stronger and stronger. You’ll be cycling in the air like a pro in no time!
  1. High Knees:

  •  Stand in place and start jogging while lifting your knees as high as possible.
  •  The best part? You don’t need any special equipment – just yourself and a bit of space to move around. Imagine standing up straight, just like you do when you’re waiting in line or playing around with friends. Now, lift one knee up towards your chest as high as you can, and then quickly switch to lift the other knee. It’s like you’re marching in place, but you’re trying to lift your knees really high, almost like you’re stepping over a hurdle.
  • Keep alternating between lifting your knees, moving as fast as you comfortably can. High knees are fantastic because they’re like giving your legs a workout while also making your heart stronger. They help make your leg muscles, like your thighs and hips, really strong.
  •  They’re a great warm-up before other exercises, or you can do them for a few minutes to get your body moving. If high knees seem a bit tough at first, that’s okay. You can start by going a bit slower and focusing on lifting your knees as high as feels comfortable.
  1. Mountain Climbers:

  • Mountain climbers engage your core and provide a cardiovascular workout. Start in a plank position, then bring one knee toward your chest and quickly switch legs, as if you’re running in place while in the plank position.
  • Mountain climbers might sound like scaling a mountain, but they’re actually a super fun exercise that makes your whole body move and your heart beat faster! You don’t need any special equipment – just yourself and some space on the floor. Your hands should be directly beneath your shoulders, and your body should be in a straight line from your head to your heels. Now, here comes the exciting part: bring one knee towards your chest, almost like you’re trying to run in place while holding a push-up position.
  •  Keep alternating your legs back and forth, as if you’re running, while holding the plank position. The amazing thing about mountain climbers is that they work lots of muscles all at once! They make your arms, shoulders, tummy, and leg muscles all stronger.
  • You can do mountain climbers almost anywhere – in your room, in the park, or even in a small space. They’re a great exercise to include in your routine to get your body moving and warmed up.
  • Try setting a goal for yourself, like doing mountain climbers for a certain number of reps or time, and watch as you get better and stronger each time you practice.
  1. Triceps Dips:

  • Triceps dips target the back of your arms. Sit on the edge of a sturdy chair or bench with your hands gripping the edge, fingers facing forward. Slide your bottom off the seat, support your weight with your arms, and bend your elbows to lower your body. Push back up to the starting position while keeping your back close to the chair.
  •  Slide your bottom off the chair and position your feet in front of you, knees bent, and your arms supporting your weight. Your arms should be straight, and your back should be close to the chair.
  • Now, slowly bend your elbows and lower your body down, like you’re about to sit on the ground, but don’t go all the way down.  You’ll feel your arm muscles working, especially at the back of your arms. Finally, push through your palms to lift your body back up to the starting position. That’s one triceps dip!
  •  They’re a fantastic exercise that you can add to your routine to work on your arm strength.
  • You can start by doing fewer reps or not going down as far until you get more comfortable. You can also keep your feet closer to you to make it easier for further away to make it harder. Set a goal for yourself, like doing a certain number of triceps dips each day, and watch as your arm muscles get stronger and stronger. It’s like giving your arms a secret power-up!


Remember to warm up before exercising, stay hydrated, and listen to your body. Maintaining a regular schedule of these exercises is crucial for fostering a vigorous and healthful life. Have fun, stay motivated, and enjoy the journey to a fitter, stronger you!

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